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Our Services

We offer four main types of services based on your strategy goals, target audience, communication style, and the nature of your content. Additionally, we offer customized services to uniquely align with your specific goals and needs, when indicated.
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Our services can be tailored to your unique needs.

Our main services offered include:

We offer quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our approach is a cyclical process that includes communication of the questions that can be answered; wrangling the data, which includes data identification and data cleaning; exploration where we use text and visualizations to depict high-level understanding of the findings; and analyzing to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. We transform your data into compelling visual narratives to bring clarity and sophistication to your findings.

Our data visualization services bring clarity and sophistication to your information, making complex data easily understandable and visually appealing.

We create customized budgeting tools tailored to your specific needs, such as a fully functional operating budget, dedicated grant tracking budget for foundations, or other financial planning tools.

Elevate your presentations with our slide deck creation service. We design engaging and informative decks for a variety of purposes, including strategy, fundraising, investor relations, and grantmaking trends, ensuring your message is delivered with impact and elegance.