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Jeffrey Jiménez-Kurlander, RUQ Lead Designer

Jeffrey Jiménez-Kurlander

- Lead Designer

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Jiménez-Kurlander, but you can call me Jeff. I stumbled into the world of design quite unexpectedly. Self-taught at first, my curiosity led me on a journey to express ideas and narratives visually. This path eventually led me to formal training where my skills as a designer were refined and honed.

I have been fortunate to acquire fluency in multiple languages - English, Spanish, VBA, and Python. This linguistic versatility allows me to navigate diverse projects, and it's not just about languages that bridge cultures; it's about those that bridge data, too. This multilingual capability empowers me to delve into data, wrangle it, visualize it, and ultimately
transform it into a narrative that resonates.

By day, I am the Learning & Impact Officer for the Surdna Foundation, where my love for data and evaluation thrives. In this role, my dedication to social justice and racial equity finds purpose and expression.

For over a decade, I've been immersed in the social impact
sector, honing my skills in data analytics, strategy development, grant making, and - my true passion - design. My creative work is not just about crafting decks; it's about embodying each organization's mission and story, particularly those led by people of color.

The essence of my work is visual storytelling. Turning raw data into compelling narratives, transforming text into beautiful visuals, and sharing your story in a way that ignites change. So, if you have a story to tell, let's bring it to life together.

Lauren Jiménez-Kurlander, RUQ Narrative Lead

Lauren Jiménez-Kurlander

- Design Strategist

There is nothing more powerful than sharing your story.

Hello, I am Lauren Jiménez-Kurlander, a pediatric oncologist who blends art and science to narrate powerful stories and shape compelling missions. Over the years, my career in pediatric oncology and drug development has provided a unique lens to understand the power of effective communication and the importance of giving voice to diverse narratives. But while this was the obvious training in my day-to-day work, it took a deeper reflection to appreciate my identity as an artist, and identity that sometimes can get buried in medicine.

In my past work, I have pursued specialized training in statistics and have given countless presentations on medical topics in the US and abroad. Professionally, I have an M.D. with Distinction in Global Health for my work around medical education in Colombia and Sierra Leone. Beyond the precision required in medicine, my creative and artistic flair sets me apart. My unique ability to make connections between seemingly disparate ideas and visualize concepts has established my role as the architect for our work at RUQ.

I understand that every minor detail matters in crafting an impactful narrative, and these details must blend together in a holistic, compelling story. Today, I am offering my services to design slide decks that help service-driven organizations and BIPOC-led groups effectively convey their missions and narratives. Each slide I design is not merely a compilation of facts, but a work of art that tells a story, stimulates thoughts, and invokes a call to action. This artistic dimension to my skillset, I believe, is a vital asset when it comes to creating visually appealing and emotionally resonant decks. This work is even more personal to me as I help my multiracial daughter navigate a complex world.

As a visionary in my field, I firmly believe that it's time to break boundaries and democratize communication. I am excited to bring my blend of detail-oriented scientific knowledge and artistic creativity to your organization, helping to amplify your unique mission in the most engaging and effective way possible with a tunnel focus and panoramic synthesis of concept.

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